Wahoo – the 100 Days of Beauty Challenge has started!

It launched on the 28th of January, 2019 – it is my campaign for 100 Days of Beauty.  And it’s not too late for you to join me and take part.

I am choosing to be more present to, and more mindful of, the beauty that is around me in my world.  And I am choosing to share that with you – and invite you to do the same!

100 Days of Beauty is intended to help us all focus on the amazing, beautiful, creative world that we live in.  While we can’t ignore the terrible things that are happening in our world, to our people and to our planet, focusing on them entirely is overwhelming, exhausting and can cause us to freeze in a state of despair!  I want to change that.  

So every day, for 100 days, I am posting a single image in my world and sharing it with you all.  I would love for you to share images of your own if you wish!!!

To take part, you can simply join our kick-arse community on Facebook and post your images, check out what others are doing, lurk (we have a great collection of lurkers!!) and simply enjoy the beauty. We are currently in Week #10 believe it or not.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t join us.  Weekly challenges, new themes, some people are just posting when and if they feel like it!  There are no rules, and anyone can be part of the beauty.

Remember, it takes 3 months (approx 100 days) to change a habit.  Imagine if we could change our world from seeing the worst, to seeing the best by default.  I believe it’s possible.  I hope you do too!

See the Beauty we are creating!