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August 2016

Spring has Sprung – Already
August 30, 2016

You know what, I have had spring flowers in my garden for at least a month now – its not even…

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Beautiful Bentwood
August 29, 2016

from the heart of the Rimu, to the heart of You From snowshoes and baskets for the First Nations People of…

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Maori Symbols – Roimata – the teardrop
August 25, 2016

Prior to the arrival of European settlers in New Zealand, the native Maori people had no written language.  All information was…

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Hitting “Reset”
August 23, 2016

Those who know me understand my passion for the beach, the ocean and sunrise because these things mean hitting “Reset”. Why…

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Maori Symbols – Pikoura – The Twist
August 18, 2016

I love working with Maori design – apart from the obvious connection through my Maori Ancestry (my Whakapapa), the pure aesthetic…

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