One of the most important aspects of making jewelry, for me anyway, is that each piece is it’s own unique piece of art. I have learned that my true passion is to make treasures that celebrate the individual beauty of the process AND reflect the authenticity of the person wearing them.

This is why I am SO PASSIONATE about handmade jewellery!

Every piece is made by hand, has it’s own individual qualities and reflects a one-of-a-kind spirit – which ironically, is the same spirit that binds us all together!

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Pausing to see the beautiful imperfection of the world, in all it’s glory, is a gift.

~ Sonia Therese

I am Sonia Therese

Beautiful Handmade Jewellery
Pausing to see the beautiful imperfection of the world, in all it’s glory, is a gift. Seeing that same imperfection in one-another allows us to value diversity, unique experiences and feel connected. Being present to that same one-of-a-kind beauty that WE bring to the world. When we believe in the beauty of ourselves, appreciating our ‘faults’ as unique gifts, then the entire world begins to change – OUR world changes.

This is what drives me, why I make jewellery and defines how I present myself in the world. I am Sonia and I am incredibly grateful to be connected with you.

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Trio Triangle Mini Necklace

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This delightful pendant necklace features three tiny hand-cut triangles in different sizes, nested together. They are made from 100% recycled metals, the largest triangle being copper, the middle being hammered sterling silver and a tiny brass triangle with a delicate koru/spiral stamped into the surface. The necklace is finished with a 45cm sterling silver chain.

The triangle represents the Māori Axe, or Toki, and symbolises strength, courage and leadership.

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