It’s exhausting, isn’t it, trying to work out how you make a difference in this world AND create a future for your kids AND not screw up the planet at the same time! It can make you feel incredibly isolated, can’t it?!  It can make you feel totally hopeless for the future!

Sunrise makes me cry - or go crazy

Sunrise makes me cry – or go crazy

I totally get it. As a single mum my first and foremost priority is my son. I want him to grow up in a world that is better than the one he was born into! But it’s so hard to know where to start, how to make a difference. It can feel completely overwhelming and hopeless – I mean, I am just one person – does me choosing an eco-ethical option really matter in the long run? And there are so many things I SHOULD be doing, where do I start?! Some days it can feel like I am the only person on earth trying to turn the tide…

In 2011 following a devastating series of earthquakes, I watched entire suburbs of my city wiped off the map and 100-year old homes simply bulldozed and buried. The amount of waste was numbing! And on top of this, trying to make the right decisions for the planet, for my son, for our environmental future, well it threatened to paralyse me! I began making jewellery from recycled and ethically sourced materials – things that other people were throwing out every day – as a statement against waste, over-consumption and shitty media messages about buying more, more, more.

It became more than that pretty quickly.

You see as a child, I believed that I could talk to animals, to the trees, to the wind. I spent a lot of time barefoot and growing organic veges with my mum and dad. I always felt connected to the earth in ways that only a child can understand. As I grew up and learned more about the planet, more about what we as humanity DO to the planet (and to each-other!) I felt more and more powerless, hopeless, isolated. But I learned about the wisdom of my ancestors, discovered our impact when we work together, rediscovered my connection with the earth because of my role as a mum…an earth-mamma!

One thing I have always been able to do is see beauty – I think in all honesty this is my super power!  I used to think I was simply a strange bean who sought out different hues of green in a forest, found immense joy and beauty in tree bark, loved looking at structures and angles and textures and shapes.  I see colours where other people don’t see them, I find fascination in things that people don’t notice.  And I daily choose to see beauty in people, especially when they can’t see it for them selves.

I Believe In Beauty

Beauty is going to be the thing that changes our world for the better!  It’s impossible to maintain a head of steam to make changes when you feel angry, defeated, beaten down and hopeless.  While we need to be acutely aware of the problems we, as humanity, and the planet face, the answer isn’t in seeing the disaster.  The answer is in seeing the beauty beyond the disaster, within the crisis, within each other and within ourselves!  This will keep us going, give us hope, help us to visualise a future we want, rather than focusing on a future we don’t want.  This is MY MISSION, and this is why I make jewellery.  Simple as that!

And so I invite you to join my tribe, come and be part of this movement to create a future that we are proud of, stand strong in your role as a steward of this planet for your children! You aren’t alone. Each piece of jewellery that I create is part of a greater whole. A whole that you are also part of! After all, we are all in this life together.

When you wear my jewellery, it becomes not just a statement for a better future for our kids, but a totem to remind you that YOU can make a difference. A statement that you have HOPE for the future!  An emphatic YES to Believing in Beauty!

Are You Ready?

Make Your Statement of Hope for Our Childrens' Future


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