Eco Ethical Fashion – Buy Consciously

What does Eco Ethical Fashion mean anyway?  Good question!

Sonia Thérèse products are intended to have a gentle, light presence on this Earth.  My belief is that if everyone in the world (in particular the developed world) did one significant thing to reduce their impact on the planet, we could make an enormous difference.

The fashion industry is one of the top polluters in the world.  We live in a world where clothing and accessories are disposable items and this is perpetuated by the industry itself.  No longer do you buy a high quality item and expect to have it in your wardrobe for years to come – possibly even handing it down as a treasure to your children or grandchildren.  Instead, we buy our clothing on a whim, expensive or not, and we dispose of it as if it is milk past it’s use-before date.

In fact, we throw out a majority of the fashion items we buy without even wearing them.

This impacts on the environment at the point of production, though-out the supply chain and right past purchase to what happens to those items we, with all good intention, give away to charity.

On top of this, the conditions under which people are enslaved to make these clothes is appalling…and that is another story.

We have lost a great many skills along the way.  Handmade, high quality workmanship is almost gone completely – but not quite.

I encourage my customers to think twice, three-times, 10 times, before they make a purchase.  Really consider the impact of your purchase beyond your tiny part in the life-cycle of the item you are buying.

Buy Consciously :: Consume Less :: Add Value


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  • Absolutely thrilled with our lovely rings. After 10 years of marriage we finally have a pair of matching rings that suit us perfectly. Having gone through the Christchurch earthquakes together makes them even more personal, Thank you Sonia, much appreciated.

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  • Daughter was thrilled with the earrings. And I love the necklace. Feathers have a special meaning in our family. In memory of loved ones lost.

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  • Superb service, happily recommend. Loved the cute packaging, thanks 🙂

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