Materials + Processes

Sustainable, right?  What does that mean?

I am pretty passionate about the materials that I use and the processes that I engage in to make these products for you.  I believe that, largely speaking, there is no real need to make something from entirely “new” materials because there is already enough waste in the world.  I would rather craft something from recycled, re-purposed or sustainably sourced materials – there is more of a challenge in that!


I started out using copper that I sourced from an Earthquake demolished house here in Christchurch.  While much of my copper still comes from that source, all copper used in my jewelry is recycled. 


Sterling silver is also 100% recycled and is largely from the photographic industry.  I purchase my silver from Australisia’s largest silver recycler – mainly because we don’t have a source here in New Zealand for guaranteed 100% recycled material.  


Wood is native New Zealand Rimu (Red Pine).  Rimu has a beautiful range of colours from honey gold right through to heart Rimu that is deep reddish brown.  I often combine my Rimu with gorgeous chips of recycled pounamu (New Zealand Greenstone/Jade). My Rimu comes from two distinct sources.  Firstly I recycle Rimu laminate from a local timber merchant – this is their scrap material from other processes and would otherwise be destined for the fire or dump.  Secondly, I also use Rimu sourced from a friend’s home demolished following the devastating 2011 Christchurch Earthquakes.  This was their family home for 30 years and the building was almost 100 years old.  This is very special timber. 


Leather is also recycled from old discarded belts, bags and jackets.  Occasionally I use vinyl too, which comes from the same recycled source as the leather. 


Resin is a product called Entropy Super Sap and it is a bio-based epoxy resin derived largely from waste plant materials from the bio-fuel industry.  I love working with this material and it is the most environmentally friendly product that I can source at the current time.  I am always looking, however, to ensure that I provide my customers with the very best, most eco-ethical products I can.  

I aim to reduce the impact of my processes.  No-one is perfect however, so I am continually seeking ways to reduce my footprint and I will keep you up-to-date on changes as they are made.


People Sonia Thérèse

  • Absolutely thrilled with our lovely rings. After 10 years of marriage we finally have a pair of matching rings that suit us perfectly. Having gone through the Christchurch earthquakes together makes them even more personal, Thank you Sonia, much appreciated.

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    Custom Leather Cuff
  • I ordered a cuff… was very happy with it… and ordered a second cuff. Both are beautiful! Thanks so much for a fast delivery. Will definitely order again!

    Leather Cuff
  • Daughter was thrilled with the earrings. And I love the necklace. Feathers have a special meaning in our family. In memory of loved ones lost.

    Huia Feathers
  • Superb service, happily recommend. Loved the cute packaging, thanks 🙂

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