Evolution – Growth – Empowerment!

Evolution – it is a natural process, and one that I am thrilled to introduce to you!

Welcome to the next stage in the evolution of me.  The past 6 months have been monumental for me.  The last half of 2016 saw the greatest changes, threw down the biggest challenges, offered the mightiest growth for me personally – and, as a result, for my art and my business.  Some days it was really a case of nothing else to do but take a single, solitary step.  But you know what?  That step was invariably in the right direction, and although slow going, each of those steps bought me to here, right now.

And what exactly is “here, right now”?

Tiki Kiwi is evolving.  In the coming months you will see me step into the energy of Sonia Thérèse Eco-Artist.  And my jewelry is changing name (oh, so slightly) to TK Eco-Design.  A subtle but very important evolution.  You see, I believe that the world, and the larger universe that we exist in, is a vast interconnected environment – where we are all linked with one another and with our mighty Mother Earth.  I also believe that our modern society has caused many of us to lose that connection, to forget how important this is, and most of all we have lost the knowledge of how to reconnect again!

I am passionate about sharing with you the philosophy that our Mother Earth, from which we all originate, will care and support all of us; that there is ENOUGH for all of us.  But in exchange for her vast abundance, we must approach life and relationships from a place of connection, compassion and collaboration.

West Coast Rainbow

Our beautiful world needs our love, care and attention.

For centuries humankind has operated under the very masculine energy of competition, which originates with a belief that there are limited resources…where there is a lack of all that we need to be happy and secure.  This energy has bought us war, conflict, and disharmony – all over this perceived lack of resources.  We have been led by a powerful fist wielded by those with the loudest voice, the harshest temperament, and the most privileged!  This is no longer working; it never worked.  There were always winners and losers.

Instead there is another way.  By stepping into our feminine energy (men and women alike) we can approach life with a nurturing, encouraging and encompassing heart.  In this energy, we see that there is abundance, but to receive that abundance we require gratitude, acceptance and love.  In this energy we accept that we are all intrinsically connected, and that we have access to an ancient and collective wisdom that extends far beyond our own tiny life span.  The powerful fist is replaced by a gentle helping hand – that believe me, is no less powerful!  In this environment we can all benefit, and we can all grow towards our individual greatness.

So it is my mission to foster this environment where we can all benefit, where we can care for ourselves, one-another and care for our mighty Mother Earth.  To do this we take the resources that we ALREADY HAVE and utilize them for the benefit of everyone – not leave a destructive wake behind us fighting for something that we don’t need to fight over.

My wish for you is that you can step into the magnificence that you already have – that you already are, but perhaps cannot see yet.  My wish is that as you grow into that magnificence that you will extend a hand out to one other and help them step into their magnificence.  And while you do this, you stand lightly on our Mother Earth, you give thanks for all that she provides and you care for her with all your actions.  My wish is that you step purposefully into being the very best human you can be, each and every day.  And by our example, yours and mine, we can shine a light for others to follow.

Have you ever noticed how incredibly bright the night sky is when all the stars are shining and not obscured by cloud?  That is us, you and I, coming out from behind the clouds to shine as brightly as the Universe intended for us to shine.

St ThereseI invite you to join me and my movement for an empowered, healing and positive viewpoint of the world.  Thérèse is my middle name, and given to me by my parents to honor St Thérèse of the roses (Learn more about St Thérèse). Like St Thérèse, I believe that the answer is Love.  And love is found in our connection with self, with those we love, with the wider world and with beautiful Mother Earth.  My special purpose is to help you to see the beauty of our world and our selves.

My approach is to bring to you those things that fill up and feed your soul.  I bring healing and hope through beauty and inspiration.  My jewelry continues to be a totem of this philosophy, this ethos.  Recycled and repurposed materials, meaningful design, sustainable practices.  Beauty and purpose, together to bring healing and hope.

“The splendor of the rose and the whiteness of the lily do not rob the little violet of it’s scent nor the daisy of its simple charm.  If every tiny flower wanted to be a rose, spring would lose its loveliness.”

Join me – together we are going to usher in a mighty and powerful creative energy for the benefit of everyone.