This is the first in a series of videos showing some of the jewellery making processes and methods behind Tiki Kiwi Designs.  In this video, I show you how I make a hand-stamped silver bangle for a friend whose daughter has just turned 16.

This bracelet is stamped with the Maori phrase “Maruia Te Pono” which translates to “Believe in Yourself”.  All women know that they have a strength and belief inside of them that will bring them through countless trials and tribulations.  But we all forget this wisdom from time to time.  And then we really understand the importance of our sisterhood, our tribe, and our totems (like this bangle), to remind us of the strength and belief we do have – and also to hold that space for us while we recover our feet and go again.

Maruia te Pono  ~ Believe in Yourself 

Hand stamping metal is a precise process, and one that involves a lot of steps.  If you make a mistake – stamp the wrong letter or place it upside down, for example – you cannot correct it easily; sometimes you can’t correct it at all!  Lucky for me there were no errors while stamping.  The most time consuming part of making these bangles is the sanding and finishing.  I like to sand the bangles by hand, giving them love and attention – that way when you receive your bangle you know that it has been treated individually with the care it deserves.  In this session I ended up making 2 bangles with different closure styles (one adjustable and one fixed).  These bangles will be available in the shop in the next month, just in time for Christmas.  If you would like to place a pre-order now, Contact Me and we can get the ball rolling.