Alrighty then, you Wahine Toa Ataahua (beautiful warrior women), I have limited amounts of this gorgeous copper flashing available.  Check out the stunning copper cuff bracelets (and how I make them in the video above).

I started working with Copper after the Christchurch Earthquakes (that probably warrants a blog post all on it’s own doesn’t it!) because it was so easy to source – I mainly got mine from stripped electrical wiring from demolished homes in the quake aftermath.  But to be quite honest with you, I am moving on, Christchurch is moving on, and I am gently using up my copper supplies – it has been 6 years after all!

So, when this copper flashing is gone, odds are that will be the last of it and I won’t be getting more.

If you are in the market for one of these sensational cuff bracelets (for you or someone you love – they are available in men’s sizes to BTW), get in quick!

Aroha Mai, Aroha Atu ~ love coming towards us, love going out from us

Recycled Copper Cuff Bracelet – Wide

Medium Copper Cuff Bracelet