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Archetype - the original pattern from which other things are cast, made or molded.

The idea of seeking truth in a sea of lies (whether intentional or otherwise) has been at the heart of humanity since people first started questioning the world around them, seeking meaning and diving inside their minds and hearts for answers

The Sage, as an archetype, is the epitome of the truth-seeker.  This archetype has a fundamental belief that the truth is the pathway to freedom, and more often than not such freedom comes with an inner journey of self reflection and enlightenment.  Those who identify with The Sage archetype understand that the outer world they operate in is a reflection of the beliefs held internally by the mind and the heart. 

The journey of The Sage is not a single straight line, however.  It twists and turns, often returning back upon itself time and time again, offering new viewpoints and perspectives, and ultimately new ways to go forward.   

The Sage is the seeker of wisdom and truth, from the universal spirits, angels and ancestors.  There is a fundamental understanding that the world, and my place in it, is a reflection of the knowledge that is learnt from experience, much of which originates from within. An eternal student, The Sage is eager and willing to be forever open to all that brings growth and expansion.  In that state of growth, one also shares the wisdom discovered on the way with others, in a way that honors them and their unique pathway.

And yet The Sage has a shadow self as well.  She often finds herself caught in her head, in her thinking mind.  Rumination and musing can be a deep dark rabbit hole that is all too easy to fall into.  There is a tendency to become fixed or rigid in thoughts and ideas.  In this dogmatic view of the world and self, we can become very critical and intolerant - ironically the very opposite of what The Sage originally represents and seeks!  

Right and Wrong.  Should and Should Not.  Black and White

Truly, the shadow of The Sage is the seat of much of our suffering.  At the end of the day you can choose...

Are you a human being having a spiritual experience on this earth?  Or is it possible that you are, instead, a divine, spiritual being having a human experience?  Personally, I believe the later to be closer to truth, which allows me a beautiful freedom to experience all that my human existence offers me, the "good" and the "bad".  

I created this collection to as a way to bring us closer to our own version of the truth, through language and via the wisdom of our ancestors.  Words and the intentions embedded in them, are strong energies indeed.  Having them indelibly marked upon a treasure you wear every day is potent and powerful.  And as I dive down the rabbit hole looking for my enlightenment, and my truth, I choose to anchor myself with the wisdom and vision of my ancestors - their patterns and designs speak a delicate whisper of love, connection and the peace of knowing we are all on this journey together.

The Sage will use the power of beauty and wonder at the world around to reconnect with truth, and ultimately find freedom.

I Am The Sage

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