The Colours of New Zealand

Welcome to my brand new collection celebrating the colours of New Zealand!  I adore colour, and bringing this love to my beautiful pebbles in the Connector Collection has been a revelation for me.  Learn about what each of the different colours represents below, and choose the colour or colours that resonate with you. 

And if you have a special place in NZ that deserves a limited edition color pebble, let me know!

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Blue - Marlborough Sounds - According to Maori legend, the beautiful sunken valleys of the Marlborough Sounds at the very top of Te Waipounamu is all that is left of the overturned waka of the Gods.  They had journeyed for so long and travelled so far from their home, and were so exhausted that when a mighty storm hit they could not stop their waka from being shattered into pieces and sinking.

Aqua - Lake Pukaki:  One of the great lakes of the Southern Alps of Aotearoa New Zealand, Lake Pukaki is world renowned for its crystal clear aqua colored waters.  Carved by enormous glaciers over millions of years, Lake Pukaki drains directly from Aoraki, the most sacred mountain in Aotearoa.

Green - Harakeke.  A hugely important plant to Maori, it was used for everything from ropes to clothing and footwear!  The way that harakeke is harvested is deeply symbolic of family relationships.  The innermost leaves represent the child, and are protected by surrounding leaves as parents.  It is only the outermost leaves that are harvested, honoring the importance of the family unit at the centre of the plant.

Yellow - Kowhai - The Tree of Life - The national tree of New Zealand, kowhai blesses us with splendid bright yellow flowers in the forest when nothing else is flowering. It is a sacred tree to Maori, so much so that it is tapu to cut one down!  Many call it the Tree of Life (Kowhai-turanga ora) it is considered to represent power, respect and wisdom.

Orange - East Coast Sunrise - sunrise over the south Pacific ocean is one of the most specacular sights in the world.  The East Cape of New Zealand is considered to be one of the first places in the world to see the light of a new day, making it a sacred place for welcoming in a New Year, solstice or dawn of every single day!

Red - Pohutukawa - Cape Reinga/Northland  Pohutakawa, and it’s southern cousin Rata, are a celebration of summer in Aotearoa with their scarlet flowers adorning trees across the country.  The most famous and important pohutukawa is located at the northern most point of New Zealand, Te Rerenga Wairua.  It represent the place that spirits depart to the underworld and make their way to the ancestral home of Hawaiki.

Pink - Rakeura/Stewart Island Aurora - the Aurora Australis is commonly seen throughout New Zealand in winter months, but nowhere more spectacular than from Stewart Island/Rakiura, a globally recognised Dark Sky santcuary.  Representing mighty magnetic storms above our atmosphere, watching the Aurora reminds us of our place in the universe.

Purple - Mackenzie Country - Lupins - the explosion of hues of lilac, lavender and purple lupin flowers begins in November and creates a roadside and riverbed carpet of color throughout the Mackenzie High Country for 3 months.  The color belies a major environmental debate about the pros and cons of non-native species - and shows us that there is always two sides to every story.

Black - Black Sand beaches - whole many people immediately think of beautiful golden or white sand south pacific beaches, Aotearoa is famed for its expanse of dramatic black sand beaches the length of the west coas of both islands!  In the south, the black sand is eroded from the mighty Southern Alps and in the north it is the result of ancient volcanoes!

White - Aoraki Mt Cook - the most sacred of mountains, and the tallest in Aotearoa.  Aoraki was a son of Raki and Papa, sky father and earth mother.  On a voyage around earth mother in their canoe (Te Waka o Aorangi) became stranded on a reef and as they climbed to the top of the waka, the mighty southern wind froze them to stone where they stand immortal today as the most sacred ancestor.





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