The Red Thread of Destiny

I know it’s contentious, but I really think that the USA is (one of) my spiritual home! Since the very first time I visited there about 25 years ago, I have felt connected to it, and I have been back many times since.

Ironically, my very first jaunt into the USA was to Seattle in the Pacific Northwest. I was staying with friends in Vancouver for Christmas, and we took a drive for 10 days south across the border taking in Seattle, Tacoma (a bunch of geologists, we HAD to go see the Tacoma Narrows and the sight of Galloping Gertie), the Olympic Peninsular (where I saw my first Bald Eagle – about 100 of them!) and onwards to Mt St Helens and Mt Ranier. I was totally entranced with this part of the world… little did I know!

Fast forward to 2019 which saw me again travelling to the USA, this time for a different reason. This time it was about jewellery – and a special collection call the Red Thread of Destiny. You see, back in 1999 I met someone while travelling through Africa. Long (20 years long) story short, we realised immediately that we had a soul connection. Neither of us knew back then what that meant, and it certainly didn’t mean we lived a fairy tale romance! But this Red Thread, an Asian legend of how destined souls are linked across time and space by a thin, sometimes invisible, red thread, kept coming up for us time and time again. We tried many times to be in the same place and the same time, but it just never happened. We never, however, lost touch with one another.

So finally the stars aligned, and on May 3 I travelled to the USA to see him. What I can tell you is that the Red Thread is very real, and we were able to pick up this thread where we left it, 20 years earlier. The story isn’t a simple one, and it’s not an easy one – he’s still in the USA and I am still in NZ. But time is fluid, space is relative, and where there is a will there is a way!

I was gifted with travelling – Portland, Seattle, Vancouver and, of course, Tacoma while in the Pacific NW. I got to check out galleries, artisan jewellers in their studios, boutique stores, markets – you name it. I was able to totally immerse myself in the arts in this amazing part of the world. And I got to connect with her – with Mother Earth – for my birthday.

A cabin in the woods, off-grid, solitude, sunshine, someone special and a bottle of whiskey. Mamma Earth showed me swallows nesting, bats, elk and fallow deer. She enveloped me in her korowai of compassion and love and let me see a different way. She showed me the power of trusting my own heart, intuition and how to let my monkey-mind have a rest. She showed me the power of beauty! She showed me how the Red Thread connects us to HER…all of us, every single one.

So, here I am back in NZ with a squillion ideas, plans and proposals. My intention is to be back in the USA in August – watch this space! In the meantime, I have launched my mini-collection, The Red Thread of Destiny to celebrate love and connection. To honour our intimate connection with Papatuanuku – Mother Earth. I am sure you have felt this connection – maybe many times. Because ultimately we are all connected to one another, and it is a few special souls who allow us to uncover the power of The Red Thread.

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