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PLASTIC FREE JULY week 1 challenge blog header
Week 1 Challenges for Plastic Free July
July 5, 2017

WEEK 1 CHALLENGES FOR #PLASTICFREEJULY Alrighty then, we are half way through week one of #plasticfreejuly. Honestly, it's not going as... Read More
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Creative Confidence – a work in progress
June 28, 2017

CREATIVE CONFIDENCE a work in progress Confidence is a strange beast - especially when you are a creative soul! Now, most... Read More
Planet Friendly Mother’s Day
May 4, 2017

My personal philosophy is to celebrate Mother’s Day in a Planet Friendly way! If you are buying gifts then make them…

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Creative Connection – 500 Toki for World Women 17
March 17, 2017

Creative Connection – this is a term that I have coined to describe a wee project I have been keeping under…

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Monday Musings time for a change
Monday Musings – Comfort, Chaos and Change
January 24, 2017

Comfort – Chaos – Change Many years ago, I trained and practiced as a life coach.  I learned a lot.  But…

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Yellow flowers
Hello Christmas Hello Summer
December 1, 2016

Welcome to the First Day of Summer Well, Hello Christmas!  Today is the first day of December in New Zealand –…

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Warrior Women: Into the Fire
October 12, 2016

Sometimes I think that I must have been born in the Fire!  Most women I speak to know what I mean…

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The Journey of Life – Warrior Women Collection
October 10, 2016

Learn more about the designs of the “Journey of Life” pendants and necklaces in the Wahine Toa : Warrior Women Collection.

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Wahine Toa: My ancestors and my fears
September 30, 2016

On the eve of the launch of my new Wahine Toa: Warrior Women Collection, I headed to the beach to have…

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Behind the Scenes – Hand-stamped Silver Bangles
September 17, 2016

This is the first in a series of videos showing some of the jewellery making processes and methods behind Tiki…

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