Journey Trio Circle Earrings
Journey Trio Circle Earrings

Journey Trio Circle Earrings

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These lovely earrings feature a trio of different sized circles and celebrates three distinct phases of life that each of us passes through and offers you a statement piece you can wear as a daily reminder of your journey.  The circle represents the idea of universality, harmony and perfection.  The earrings have circles in three different sizes layered upon one-another.

The Fire:  The fire Circle represents the journey to hell and back.  We almost always come through the fire to get to where we are, who we are and what we are.  And we have the singed eyebrows, blacked feet and ash in our hair to prove it.  But you know what?  Fire makes us stronger, makes us stand out from the crowd, make us realise that we can endure even the fires of hell.  This circle measures 2.5cm across

The Scars: The central circle is hammered and the marks on this represent the scars we carry – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  But it celebrates the beauty we are WITH our scars, bumps and broken bits – not in spite of them.  This circle measures 1.8cm across

The Shining Light:  The golden circle reconnects us with our true spirit, our true purpose, our true light.  It reminds us that no matter how cloudy the day might be, the sun still shines.  The golden, shining light circle also has a beautiful, delicate koru, or spiral, on it.  This reminds us of the perfection of the universe, offers balance and harmony while representing growth and new beginnings.  This circle measures 1.2cm across

These trio earrings are available in 2 different metal combinations and are finished with hand crafted silver hoop and spiral style ear-hooks (9ct gold for the gold option):

  • Copper + Silver + Brass
  • rose gold + white gold + yellow gold

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