Single Feather Earrings - Plain
Single Feather Earrings - Plain
Single Feather Earrings - Plain
Single Feather Earrings - Plain

Single Feather Earrings - Plain

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Measurements (Approx):
Earring size: 3cm L (short earrings) or 5cm L (long earrings)
Weight: 3.2g - 4.22g (including earhooks)
Metal: Recycled Copper, Brass or Silver OR 9ct rose, white or yellow gold

Product Code: tfe07

Celebrate the centre of all beauty and creativity, the seat of the soul; celebrate love itself with these gorgeous hand-crafted feather earrings.  Each earring features the word Aroha, meaning love and compassion stamped by hand into the surface.  In New Zealand Maori mythology birds are very special and are the messengers of the Gods?  Eagles, Harriers and native owls pass between the worlds of man and the Gods along spiritual paths.  As a result, Maori consider birds sacred.  For you, these earrings are a reminder that you can access the sacred and the spiritual, and you can also tap into the wisdom of your ancestors

Choose from a range of recycled and sustainably sourced metals including copper, brass and pure silver as well as sustainable 9ct gold in rose, white or yellow.  Earrings include hand-made sterling silver or gold earhooks.


About this collection:  THE SAGE

I am the seeker of wisdom and truth, from the universal spirits, angels and ancestors. My understanding the world and my place in it is a reflection of the knowledge that I learn from experience.

I understand that much of this knowledge originates from within my spirit. I am the eternal student, eager and willing to be forever open to all that brings growth and expansion. And in that growth I share the wisdom I discover on the way with others. I often find myself in my head, caught up in my thinking mind - and I use the beauty and wonder of the world around me to reconnect with my truth.

I am the sage

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