Journey Trio of Rings Gold
Journey Trio of Rings Gold
Journey Trio of Rings Gold
Journey Trio of Rings Gold
Journey Trio of Rings Gold
Journey Trio of Rings Gold

Journey Trio of Rings Gold

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Get your inner brave on and step up to the mark with this powerful and beautiful hand-crafted trio of stacking rings!  These rings invoke courage, passion and perseverance.  Together they represent complex journey that we all bravely embark upon throughout our lives. Each band in the trio has it's own resonance

  • Rose Gold - the fire we endure and create for our passions
  • White Gold - the beauty we are because of the scars we carry
  • Yellow Gold - the pure bright shining light of our universal connection

This trio of rings is made from 9ct New Zealand alluvial gold in yellow, rose and white.  Each trio is available in your choice of 3 different widths, thin/medium/thick and is available in 4 standard sizes. 

Size Guide

For help finding your ring size print out the Ring Size Guide

Band Width (each ring in the trio):

  • Thin - 1.2mm wide
  • Medium - 2mm wide
  • Thick - 3mm wide

Ring Size: 

  • Small (US7.5), 
  • Medium (US9), 
  • Large (US10.5), 
  • XLarge (US11.5)

Weight: 2g - 6g (approx)
Metal: 9ct yellow, rose and white gold

Product Code: tjr25


About this collection: THE WARRIOR

Be strong, be brave, be steadfast. This is the mantra of the warrior. I am not fearless, but simply choose to fear less. I invoke the mana of my ancestors, the courage in my heart which cannot be released without the collision with fear. I will fight for what I believe in, for my family and those that I love and I will be relentless in the pursuit of my passions. I am not merely a fighter. No, I can only be truly brave when I choose to risk something, something precious. Real courage comes from seeking to present my truth to the world, to shine a light on the real soul purpose that rages beneath the surface. True bravery requires compassion, grace, patience and a never-ending commitment to growth.

I understand that the mighty and the meek are two sides of the same soul. That balance is the most precious gemstone in the entire crown. The warrior will willingly bow her head and admit her weaknesses because she knows that within that moment, her true strength is having compassion and patience for herself! I believe in letting go, allowing flow and only then can I truly grow

I am the warrior

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