Work directly with Sonia to co-create a special treasure that is completely unique and one-of-a-kind. Use new and/or heirloom materials, work with an adaption of one of Sonia’s existing works or design something completely new, the canvas is yours!


When you commission a piece of jewellery with Sonia Therese, you work together with her to create a piece of jewellery that sings YOUR song.

From the first inquiry right through to the finished piece, you are co-creating with Sonia. You get the benefit of Sonia’s expert knowledge and artistry for the entire process, and you will have photographs and possibly even video footage of the making of your commissioned piece.

You may even wish to have a hand in the making process! Sonia will work with you at every step of the way.

Commission Diamond Ring


Obligation Free Consultation: Contact Sonia for an obligation-free initial discussion of your ideas and an overview of what may or may not be possible. During this initial consultation, Sonia will guide you regarding the possibilities of your idea, and she will outline any potential limitations. Sometimes heirloom materials cannot be used as you may imagine, in order to retain their special qualities. However, Sonia will help you explore possible alternatives and solutions to any issues that might arise.

Pricing Estimates: In the next step, Sonia will send you an pricing estimation based on your initial consultation. She will also offer you an expectation of the time frames involved and any potential road-blocks to creating your special piece. It is VERY important that you communicate with Sonia at this point if you have an time limitations to delivering your creation. Sonia will provide you with design sketches and a time-line so that you understand what is required at each stage of the project; for example sending or obtaining materials, ring sizings etc.

Commencing the Commission: Once we have agreement on the commission, you will be asked to pay a Non-Refundable Deposit (typically 30-50% of the total estimated cost of the piece).

Now magic happens! Sonia will communicate with you at each step of the way and offer you photographs and updates as work moves forward. You will be able to contact Sonia at any time (well, perhaps not in the middle of the night!!!) if you have any questions.

Once your commission is completed and safely delivered (and, of course, you are happy with it!) you will be asked to pay the balance of the invoice within 7 days. If there are any extra costs involved, or materials required you will be consulted DURING the process and these will be agreed upon before proceeding with the commission.

Communication: Sonia prefers to communicate via email so that there is an easily trackable trail of correspondence for all parties. This reduces the likelihood of confusion or mixed messages. If you communicate with Sonia via phone/in person/social media she will typically follow up with an email to confirm the conversation.


  • Using your own heirloom materials doesn’t necessarily make your commission cheaper! Often heirloom materials come with significant limitations or restrictions that need to be worked around. And there is a good chance that new materials (for example, gold) will need to be added to your materials in order to complete the finished design.
  • Please familiarise yourself with Sonia’s style of jewellery and her processes! She will not be reproducing someone elses work or copying another artist, so please don’t ask her to! Your commission will be flavoured with Sonia’s unique approach to jewellery making, her bespoke processes and methods so it is very important that you understand her style before you agree to the commission!
  • If you want to work WITH Sonia during the making of your treasure, this will incur an additional cost (yes, this will be communicated with you before any work begins) and you MUST be willing to come to Christchurch, New Zealand to take part. If you wish Sonia to come to you, this will be an additional cost.
  • Ring sizing – it is YOUR responsibility to provide Sonia with an accurate ring sizing. She is good, but she is no mind-reader. In a great many cases rings cannot be resized easily and may even require remaking your commission. If this happens you will be invoiced for the full costs involved in remaking your ring. Rest assured, Sonia will happily assist you in finding out your ring size, but it is YOUR responsibility to get an accurate sizing.
  • Commissions cannot be returned or refunded. In the rare instance that there are any unforseen faults, Sonia reserved the right to repair them before offering any refund, as detailed in the Consumers Guarantee Act of New Zealand.
  • If you have a particular date in mind for the completion of your commission you MUST communicate this with Sonia at the beginning of the project.

Commission slots are limited and dependent on availability. If you would like to enquire or book your commission, please fill in the form below or contact Sonia directly by email

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