Core Confidence Challenge

Have You Completed the Core Confidence Challenge?

If you have, then congratulations!  Anel and I have been plotting a way to help you celebrate this fantastic achievement.  Together we have created an exclusive offer for you.  We have designed a range of gorgeous jewellery to help you remember how magnificent you are – and keep you inspired and motivated for all your next goals.

All women who complete the 30 day Core Confidence Challenge you will receive a password via email from Anel.  In order to purchase this jewellery range you will need to click on the image below, add your password and then you will be able to view the range.

If you would like to begin the challenge, or find out more information, please head on over to the dedicated Facebook Page and contact Anel Bester to join up.  And if you would like free international shipping on this (economy, non-tracked), then you can sign up to my community too for a complimentary promo-code xx

For those of you who have completed the Core Confidence Challenge, congratulations!  It was hard work (I know, I have also completed it!!!) and you are magnificent