Creative Connection – this is a term that I have coined to describe a wee project I have been keeping under wraps for about the last 6 months, but finally the cat is out of the bag.

On March 17-19 I will be attending World Women 17, a very special gathering of women from across NZ (and the world) to create a movement, a statement, a platform for change.  Thanks to the vision of Therese Gattung and Barbara Gabler and Chris Woodwiss, this event invites us to “Unite and make a difference”.

500 TokiMy role?  Well, I had a crazy idea for helping facilitate the connection between women attending the gathering and doing it in a beautiful, creative way.

I call this Creative Connection.

A little on the fringes of what normally happens at gatherings of this nature, I made 500 Toki, comprising 42 sets of 12 pieces of jewellery.  Each Toki is a completely one-of-a-kind piece and totally uniqe – however, each Toki has 11 sisters that it is intrinsically connected with.  The invitation for each woman attending was to seek out their 11 sisters, connect with them and see what magic happens!


The Toki, a Maori axe, is a deeply symbolic piece of my culture as a Ngai Tahu Artist.  The Toki represents Strength, Courage and Leadership – qualities that the women attending World Women 17 have in bucket-loads.  It is also an invitation – an invitation to connect and to re-member the power of you!

Imagine, if you will…experiencing an awakening of spirit so profound that you cannot sleep, and you feel deeply, intrinsically connected to every source of energy in the Universe.  In your hand you hold a precious totem; a Toki that re-connects you to an endless, timeless wisdom. This is the wisdom of your ancestors, the wisdom of the mighty Mother Earth, the wisdom of the Universe itself.

And you remember that this is YOU- the YOU that you didn’t think was worthy, that you thought was powerless, that you were scared to give voice to in case those you love don’t approve.

This is your invitation to be who you truly are in your heart, and be free.


**  Sonia Therese Eco-Art & Design was formally Tiki Kiwi Designs – so please excuse the branding name change – the content remains the same 🙂  this is the full process of pouring the bio-resin for your Toki.

I use a product called Super Sap CCR (crystal clear resin) that is comprised of almost 40% plant based waste products.  The wood that is used in my pieces is recycled rimu – or Native New Zealand red pine – a precious and valuable material.  This rimu, specifically, was recovered from homes destroyed following the 2011 Christchurch Earthquakes.  I save each shard because I believe that it still has a story to tell.

And this is what 500 Toki necklaces look like before packaging and shipping…beautiful!


Toki can be made in small sets like these – where clusters of 8-16 pieces come from each cast block in a variety of different colours (the sky is literally the limit!).  Or, if you prefer something more uniform, an unlimited number of Toki (in a variety of sizes and shapes) can be cut from a large block in a uniform colour.  Colours can be transparent (as for this project) or opaque (black is a favourite!).

If you would like to inquire about having creative connection pieces at your next event, for customers, clients or staff, please get in touch to discuss how we can make this work for your needs.  I would be honoured to help you connect in a beautiful and creative manner.

Email me at or give me a call on +64 021 1293390.  Product is made in New Zealand using eco-ethical products AND processes, as well as recycled materials.  All orders can be shipped globally.