Welcome to the Sonia Thérèse Eco Store.

You can shop with confidence in the Sonia Thérèse Eco Store knowing that every product you see is made by hand, with love and from recycled, repurposed and sustainable materials.  Everything that I make reflects the ethos of Sonia Thérèse – that jewelry is a tangible totem of our connection with self, with those we love and with mighty Mother Earth and her generous abundance.

The pieces are all made with used or sustainable materials.  The philosophy is that we have mined enough precious metals, have felled enough forests, have thrown enough trash away – there is no need to add to this tally in order to make beautiful jewelry.

Click on the images below to view the products in each category.  And remember, if you have a special project in mind, have specific materials you would like to work with, or simply want a custom piece, please get in touch and we can talk through your ideas.


Bentwood products include rings, bracelets, necklaces and more.

The wood used in each item is recycled Rimu, or New Zealand Red Pine.  This timber is no longer milled from native forests and the material used in these products comes from 2 distinct sources.

Firstly there is Rimu laminate sourced from a local timber merchant and this laminate is the scrap material that would otherwise be sent to the tip and thrown away.

Secondly is Rimu sourced from destroyed buildings following the Christchurch Earthquakes of 2010 and 2011.  Many of the older homes in Christchurch included Rimu flooring, skirting, paneling and doors.  Some of this timber comes from homes over 100 years old, and which were family homes for decades.

Bio Resin and RimuBio-Resin is an eco-friendly liquid plastic that has almost 40% plant based material.  The Resin material is called Super Sap and is made by a company called Entropy.

I use the resin to preserve small chips and shards of recycled Rimu or New Zealand Red Pine, left over from other jewelry making processes.  The resin is also colored with alcohol ink, handmade from repurposed children’s felt-tipped pens.

The resin pieces are cut into a variety of shapes, each of which has special meaning and symbolism.

Silver PikoruaThe Classic Collection features pendants and earrings that represent traditional New Zealand Maori symbols.

Made from Recycled Copper and Sterling Silver, each piece is deliciously delicate and detailed.  Every twist and turn of the metal has meaning and offers inspiration and a message from our shared ancestors.

From pieces that are symbols of hope and new life through to pieces that offer empathy and solidarity for those going through difficult times, there is a piece to suit everyone in the Classic Collection.

Large Personalised Star Map PendantCustom made from Recycled Rimu wood(New Zealand Red Pine) these Star Maps are a stunning symbol of individuality.

The stars in each map are made from fine silver and no two maps are ever the same.  Representing the stars that our ancestors were guided by on their many journeys, each star symbolizes a person – past, present and future – who has had, or will have, a major impact on our lives.

Wahine Toa – Warrior Woman Collection.

This gorgeous collection of jewelry has been created specifically to help women reconnect with themselves and their inner goddess.

A series of stunning, handmade works that represent many of the symbols of New Zealand Maori.  Each is made with recycled or repurposed materials and intended to remind us of how precious Mother Earth is in our lives.

For yourself or someone you love, these powerful pieces are all one-of-a-kind works of art with a sincere message of courage, strength and abundance.

Gift Vouchers

If you simply cannot decide which item to bless yourself with, or you are buying for another but are not sure on size, style or color, remember Gift Vouchers.


Bangles and Bracelets

From chunky asymmetric bangles made from Recycled Timber skirting boards right through to elegant and delicate chain bracelets.  You are sure to find any style you like at Sonia Thérèse Eco-Art + Design

Utilizing a variety of techniques, each bangle or bracelet is handmade and uses materials like recycled copper and silver, bentwood techniques, handmade beads and even bracelets suitable for prayer and meditation.

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Earrings are all made with stories, legends and symbols woven into the designs.

Delicate baskets meaning abundance and prosperity, stylized symbols from New Zealand Maori, completely unique, one-of-a-kind star maps – you will find earring to meet your needs and that loved ones will cherish.

All materials used are intended to help you on your journey of reconnection with Mother Earth and include recycled silver, copper and gold, recycled and repurposed native New Zealand timbers and come complete with handmade silver earhooks.

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From tiny and delicate, personalised bar necklaces through to chunky handmade wooden beads, all of the necklaces and pendants in the TK range are made with love and intention – and designed to be a lasting totem of your love.

Many necklaces can be personalised with special words, names and dates and even symbols.  Materials are glorious recycled and repurposed materials, or designs use sustainably sourced and eco-friendly materials such as bio-resin.

Designed to be worn every single day, each piece is something that can be handed on and on, and on…a legacy.

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Sonia Thérèse Eco-Art + Design has a large range of stunning rings for men and women.

Individual dress rings, meditation spinner rings, handmade silver, copper and gold cuff rings, rings with secret messages and stunning bentwood rings with feature stones are all available in a large range of sizes to fit any finger.

Bride and Groom sets of bentwood rings are also available to order.  All materials used are recycled, repurposed or utilize sustainable and eco-friendly sources.

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Sonia Thérèse Eco-Art + Design uses a special Bio-Resin called Super Sap CCR.

This is a gorgeous non-toxic and eco-friendly resin that features almost 40% plant based materials – byproducts of the agricultural industry.

Colored in small batches with handmade alcohol inks (made from repurposed felt-tipped pens) these are stunning and vibrant pieces of jewelry art that tread lightly on the earth.

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All of the copper used for Sonia Thérèse jewelry comes from recycled or sustainable sources.  As with all metals used, the philosophy is that we do not need to destroy our Mother Earth further by mining for copper – there is enough in existence if we are creative about how we access and use it.

A lot of my copper comes from stripped electrical wiring recovered from Earthquake damaged homes in Christchurch, NZ.  Other copper is sourced or gifted from locations where the material is to become scrap – for example all my copper cuff bracelets are made from old recycled copper flashing.

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All silver used for Sonia Thérèse jewelry is 100% recycled material.  As with copper, gold and other metals used, we follow the ethos that there is already an abundance of silver and there is no need to further pressure the earth by mining more.

Pieces are made from either recycled sterling silver (stronger, but will tarnish) or fine silver (no tarnish, but softer and more malleable).

In some one-of-a-kind styles, the silver may be repurposed material from other discarded jewelry.  The source of your silver will always be available to you if this information is important to you.

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Sonia Thérèse Eco-Art + Design uses 9ct yellow, pink and red gold with the option for you to purchase pieces in 12ct or 24ct (pure) gold if you wish.

We endeavour to ensure that our gold sources include as much recycled material as possible.  This information will be available to you upon request when you make your purchase.

Yellow, pink (rose) and red gold do not tarnish, and 9ct is an alloy which means that it is considerably stronger than 24ct or pure gold.  We do not use white gold for our designs unless specifically requested because of the need to replate this material over time by the purchaser/owner of the piece.

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BentwoodThe wood used in Sonia Thérèse products is almost exclusively New Zealand Rimu, or red pine.  This is a precious material and highly prized as a top quality building product.  Rimu is no longer able to be milled or recovered from conservation land or native forests in New Zealand, therefore it is becoming more and more a sought after product.

The sources of Rimu that Sonia Thérèse Eco-Art +  Design uses include laminate scrap material from a local timber merchant.  This material is typically destined for the trash, or is merely burned as a waste product.  It is a beautiful material and often used for my bentwood products.

The second source of Rimu is recovered earthquake timber – a large number of older homes were demolished following the devastating 2010 and 2011 earthquakes in Christchurch.  Sonia Thérèse was able to secure Rimu from a friend’s family home of 30 years (the home was almost 100 years old) before the bulldozers arrived.  This timber is very special material and tells a beautiful story.

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Greenstone – or Pounamu – is a highly prized, extremely hard type of jade only found in New Zealand’s South Island.  This material is considered to hold a “life force” of the people and it has traditionally been used for weapons and to adorn high born people in Maori society.

Pounamu Greenstone used in Sonia Thérèse products is sourced from greenstone carvers and is the scrap material left over at the end of the carving process.  Often this material would be simply discarded, however, according to the Sonia Thérèse ethos, recycling and repurposing of “scrap” material is what makes these pieces so special.

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