The Red Thread of Destiny

This month I am thrilled to introduce you to my new mini-collection.  This collection is very very special to me and really, it’s been a good 20 years in the making!  The legend of the Red Thread of Destiny originates in East Asia, most commonly linked with China.  It tells the story of twin souls destined to be together throughout the ages – irrespective of time or distance – and linked forever by a thin (sometimes invisible) red thread.  This thread can be twisted, tangled and even stretched.  But it can never, ever be broken.

I have been blessed to experience the Red Thread, and you can read more about my personal connection on the blog HERE

The collection speaks about destined souls but it also speaks about another powerful and undeniable connection – the connection we have with our beautiful Mother Earth.  In Maori art and culture, the colour red symbolises Papatuanuku, the Mighty Mother.  We are all connected to her, and the red thread links us all!

You can shop the new mini collection HERE

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100 Days of Beauty Challenge

The very first Challenge officially finished on May 9th, and it was so popular I have decided to do it all over again!  Yes, that’s right – the second challenge is due to begin again on June 3rd and run for 100 consecutive days.

100 Days of Beauty is all about encouraging us to see the beauty in a world where we are bombarded with images and messages of how broken and hopeless things are.  When we come from a space and place of broken-ness and hopelessness things aren’t going to get much better.  As the Lorax said “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not”

So each day, for 100 consecutive days, we are posting a single image of beauty and sharing it in my dedicated Facebook Group.  Why?  Well, I believe that when we see beauty outside of us, in the world that we live in, we are much more inclined to do something to preserve that beauty, enhance that beauty, protect that beauty.

But there is a bigger message here too – when you see the beauty around you, you start to organically and naturally see the beauty in the people around you too!  Oh, it’s your friends and family, then that random person who said hi and smiled, to the children playing at the beach.  Everyone has beauty in them.  AND THEN…yes, there is more…you start to see the beauty in YOURSELF.  Yes, and when that happens, magic is made!  You see, saving the planet means saving ourselves.  If we don’t believe we are worth of being saved, or saving ourselves, then we will get what we have always got…nothing changes.

So come along, join us on our second 100 Days of Beauty Challenge

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