5 Tips for Growing a More Abundant Life

Oh me, Oh my….every morning I wake up and realise that I am alive (yes, weird…hear me out!), that my body works, my brain works, my family is alive and the birds are singing.  What an abundance of blessings I have…below are my 5 top tips for growing a more abundant life.

  1.  peek Pay Attention:  Abundance is all around you, within you and embedded into every single moment of your day.  Most people seek abundance “out there”.  They think that abundance is something that they have to go out and get, earn, take from someone else.  They think that in order to become abundant, they must compete with others in order to win the race to the top of a limited pile of “stuff”.  But you know what?  Abundance is a state of mind – and therefore you don’t need to go anywhere to find it – you already have it.  The secret is to pay attention to all the little things that make up your abundance.  You grow an abundant life by seeking, seeing and actively giving thanks for what you already have!  Notice the things that others do not – appreciate the food on your plate, the coins in your pocket, the fresh air you breathe, the laughter of your children, the taxes you pay that mean you are earning money and contributing to your society.  Pay attention.

give-flower2. Give, give and give some more:  Abundance has this beautiful tendency to increase the more you give away.  You see, it’s all to do with how you view the world.  If you view it as competitive, out to get you, get to the front at all costs, hold on tight lest someone take your abundance away – well you are coming from what is called a scarcity mindset.  You believe that there is a limited amount of whatever you value, so you must hold on tight to what you have because there might never be any more!  But, in truth, growing abundance becomes easier and easier the more you share, collaborate, let go of and create for others.  It’s like pruning roses – When you cut the branches, many more branches shoot and it is on these new branches that the flowers bloom!

friends3. Sort out your Circle:  You know, abundance grows where there is fertile soil, warmth, love, attention and appreciation.  Abundance does not grow where there is competition, negativity, anger, intolerance and ignorance.  It is up to you to grow your abundant life in the best conditions possible.  And sometimes this means you need to do some weeding!  One of the most difficult things to weed out are those people in your circle who continually sabotague you – As you grow more and more abundant, you will have an energy about you that vibrates at a higher level than some of the people around you.  This makes them scared, feel inferior, feel threatened and angry.  As Robin Sharma says, if you are the most intelligent person in your circle of friends, it’s time to create a new circle.  Seek out people who are YOUR kind of crazy!!!

winter4. Get Up – again:  Growing abundance isn’t always a garden full of flowers.  Life ebbs and flows, and sometimes it feels like you are in the grip of a deep, dark – and seemingly endless – winter!  Not a lot seems to grow in winter.  We slip and fall on ice, we struggle in the cold, the dark makes us sleepy.  But, just like a seed buried deep in the ground, winter is a time for consolidation, for building our resources, for fighting the fights that need to be fought.  And the thing is, just as if you fall on a freezing winter’s day, you must get up.  You must get up again, and again, and again.  Because if you don’t, you freeze and die.  Abundance exists even in the dark of winter, but it needs you to get up after every fall and be ready for spring – which is just around the corner!

trees-looking-up5. Look Forward, and up:
 Life is meant to be lived going forward.  Yes, we do have 20/20 vision often in hindsight, but we can use our past experiences to help us grow, not keep us stuck.  In order to do this, and to grow even more abundance in your life, you need to lift your head from where you are and look ahead. To become abundant you need to grow, and you simply cannot grow by staying still, stagnating, reminiscing about the “good ol’ days”.  Have a vision for where you are going – make it a great vision, by the way – and appreciate each and every step along the way.  Yes, be mindful of the stones on the path you walk, but don’t concentrate on them so much that you forget where you are going to.  

So my challenge to you is to grow your abundant life, tend your garden, see the trees AND the forest!  And smile, breathe and be kind.  Always be kind.

Abundance is a process of letting go; that which is empty can receive ~ Bryant H. McGill

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