My Place Gold Sandcast Pendant Necklace

Cast individually in sustainable New Zealand beach sand, these beautiful pendant necklaces are made from recycled 9ct gold (your choice of yellow, rose or white gold), each small pendant having it's own unique texture reflecting the sand within which it is created. Pendants measure approximately 2.5cm and come with a 9ct gold chain, 45cm/18in long.

This necklace has been designed to connect you to a place, offer you a sense of belonging and remind you of all those who have come before you. Inspired by the Māori concept of tūrangawaewae, often translated as 'a place to stand'. Tūrangawaewae are places where we feel especially empowered and connected.

There are 4 different pendant necklaces to choose from, each cast from original models, and each having special significance
  • Bird:  the bird represents the messengers of the gods, bring hope and good fortune
  • Circle: the circle represents the perfection of the Universe and offer a sense that all is exactly as it is meant to be
  • Heart:  the heart has a tiny koru/spiral embedded within, representing love, compassion and the promise of new life
  • Star:  the star represents the heavens above, and is a message from our ancestors that we are never alone, we are loved and supported.

Select from our library of sands or send in your own sand material for an extra $50/item.
About This Collection - My Place

About This Collection - My Place

My Place - Tūrangawaewae Collection
Home is not a place, it is a feeling
As I place my hand on this land, this earth, this place I feel the energy within it all. I hear the whisper of my ancestors calling me home. I feel a connection that reaches to every corner of my being.

I know that I am connected to many places like this, across this big beautiful earth. This is where I come back to, again and again. This I can find with my eyes closed.

This is the place that I belong. This is the place that makes my heart sing, anchors my feet and gives me wings to leave again. This is Home.

This is My Tūrangawaewae, the place where I stand

This is My Place
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