Heaven Sent Feather Bib Necklace Brass and Silver

This beautiful bib necklace has a total of 36 individually hand-crafted "feathers", 24 silver and 12 brass with each feather measuring 4cm long and 2mm wide.  They are arranged on a sterling silver chain, and sit at approximately 50cm around your neck.

The 12 brass feathers, in total, represent the 12 heavens in Māori mythology as well as the 12 tail feathers of the sacred bird, Manu Huia.

Legend tells of an invitation sent to earth by the God Rehua in the form of a simple pure white bird named Manutea. Manutea sought out the God Tane, originator of mankind, to summon him to climb the 12 heavens and retrieve the sacred baskets of knowledge. 

Upon Tane accepting this invitation, Manutea returned to Rehua who rewarded him for his bravery in navigating the 12 heavens by colouring him black to represent the great void. He also added white tipped feathers to his tail, to a total of 12 to represent the heavens he had bravely journeyed through to reach Tane. When Manutea returned to the earth he was renamed Manu Huia and became the most sacred of all birds to Maori.

About This Collection - Heaven Sent

About This Collection - Heaven Sent

Heaven Sent Collection
Past and future fade together when we gaze upon the night sky

Look with awe and wonder at the stars and the moon, contemplate the souls of our ancestors watching over us from that inky darkness. Keeping us safe, letting us know that we are never, ever alone.

I know that the pathway I walk upon is perfect, because my ancestors set it out for me and guide me every step of the way. When I look up, see the stars shining, the moon reflecting perfectly, I remember that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

I give thanks and I am grateful.

I am Heaven Sent
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