Heaven Sent Silver Stars and Moon Statement Ring

This stunning statement silver ring is hand crafted from 100% recycled sterling silver.  It features 9 "stars" of the constellation Matariki and a "full moon" hand-cut into a 5cm diameter circle.  Your ring is finished with a 3mm wide band in custom sizes, just for you.

This statement ring represents the constellation Matariki or Pleiades.  In many indigenous cultures world-wide, the constellation Pleiades is important. Matariki signifies the beginning of the Māori New Year when it rises above the horizon at dawn in mid-winter. It is a time of reflection about the year past, preparation for the year ahead, and a chance to celebrate the value of friends, family and community.

Your ring is custom made specifically for your size.  If you need help with working out your ring size, please refer to the Ring Size Guide in the tab.
About This Collection - Heaven Sent
Ring Size Guide

About This Collection - Heaven Sent

Heaven Sent Collection
Past and future fade together when we gaze upon the night sky

Look with awe and wonder at the stars and the moon, contemplate the souls of our ancestors watching over us from that inky darkness. Keeping us safe, letting us know that we are never, ever alone.

I know that the pathway I walk upon is perfect, because my ancestors set it out for me and guide me every step of the way. When I look up, see the stars shining, the moon reflecting perfectly, I remember that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

I give thanks and I am grateful.

I am Heaven Sent

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