The Guardian Etched Meditation Ring

Hand crafted from100% recycled sterling silver, the main band of this beautiful ring features hand-drawn patterns etched into the very metal.  Around the main band is a free-spinning second smaller band, 2mm in width, in your choice of metals - Copper, Brass or Sterling Silver.  Your ring measures 10mm wide and is 1mm thick.  It comes in custom sizes, made especially for you.

This ring features hand-drawn Maori kowhaiwhai patterns, etched into the metal. Each design drawn is different to the others and is intended to represent the vast diversity of, and connection between, souls and spirits in this world and in others. The spirals, dots, lines and swirls tell the story of our history, our values and our family.

Please refer to the size guide in the tab here for help with finding your ring size.
Your spinning ring is plain by default, but you can customise it with a word or short phrase for a small additional cost.
About This Collection - The Guardian
Ring Size Guide

About This Collection - The Guardian

“I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you” ~Tolkein

I am the caregiver, the one who supports and gently guides you on your journey.

My heart seeks to comfort you in your times of distress, to in some way soften the pathway but at the same time honour the difficulties of the journey that we are all on. My hands will wipe your furrowed brow and offer you the nourishment of knowing we are here, together.

I look to my ancestors for their guidance, to the wisdom of my culture and the sacred, ancient knowledge from which we are all borne. Understanding that our here and now is built upon the shoulders of those who carved the pathway before us, and that we too, offer up our wisdom to those we have yet to meet.

I am the keeper of this wisdom, this service and this deep knowing that we are all stepping out into the same universal journey. It is my responsibility to share this knowledge with you.


Ring Size Guide

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