The Sage Double Gold Meditation Ring

Share the wisdom of the ages with this beautiful meditation ring. Emulating the Buddhist prayer wheel, this ring features two small bands that spin around the main ring. Add a word or short phrase of choice to the spinning bands and send a prayer or intention out to the universe every time you move it.

The main band of the ring is hand made from 9ct Gold and measures 10mm wide.  It is finished with a beautiful hammered texture.  The spinning bands each measure approx 2mm wide and come in your choice of gold options, including 9ct yellow, rose or white gold.

The spinning band comes with the default word "Aroha" meaning love and compassion, and "Whanau" meaning Family but can be customised with a word or short phrase of your choice.

The ring is hand made to your size requirements.  Please let us know your size in the comments section when you place your order.  If you need assistance with finding your size, please check out our size guide.

About This Collection - The Sage
Ring Size Guide

About This Collection - The Sage

About this collection: THE SAGE
I am the seeker of wisdom and truth, from the universal spirits, angels and ancestors. My understanding the world and my place in it is a reflection of the knowledge that I learn from experience.

I understand that much of this knowledge originates from within my spirit. I am the eternal student, eager and willing to be forever open to all that brings growth and expansion. And in that growth I share the wisdom I discover on the way with others. I often find myself in my head, caught up in my thinking mind - and I use the beauty and wonder of the world around me to reconnect with my truth.

I am the sage

Ring Size Guide

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