Those who know me understand my passion for the beach, the ocean and sunrise because these things mean hitting “Reset”.

Why is hitting reset so important for me?

Refocusing and taking a breath.  You see, without that pause to remember how amazing it all is and to give thanks, then life becomes so full – there is no room for anything else.  I need to remember how truly beautiful and fun life is – if you let it be.  That’s the key, letting it – allowing yourself to be in that place where fun, peace, gratitude and happiness collide.

You know how infuriating and frustrating it is when your computer simply locks up and won’t accept any more input?  when that happens to me, I unplug the damn thing, restart it, let it refresh!  I do the same thing with my day-to-day life.  I hit the refresh button every morning (or evening) that I go to the beach.

Yep, and give thanks – my happy place!Hitting Reset - beach sunrise