Christmas is here – Time for a Break

Well, here we are yet again.  Christmas has rolled around for another year.

IClosed for Xmast’s been pretty mighty this year…ups, downs, inbetweens.  And I am grateful for each and every one of them!  Happily, the year is ending on a very high note for Tiki Kiwi and for me personally.  Yay!

I hope that you find peace, love and laughter this Christmas.  I hope that you are able to spend at least some of it with people you love and who love you.  I hope that you are able to remember that Christmas is about love, about inviting peace and gratitude into your life, and about remembering that we are all here for such a short time, so it is our responsibility to make the most of it.

Tiki Kiwi has some amazing things in the wings for 2017, so I am taking a couple of weeks to rest, rejuvenate and prepare for a splendid New Year.  The shop will be reopening on January 9th (hopefully with some new designs too….will see how much time I spend at the beach !!!).

Thank you all so much for supporting me

Aroha xx

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