Mini Star Map Pendant

Mini Star Map Pendant


In celebration of the ancient adventurers who used the stars of the night sky to navigate and find their way home again –  – this gorgeous mini pendant necklace is a delicate piece.

Made from glorious reclaimed Rimu wood in a perfect circle (approx 2cm diameter, 0.5cm thick) boarded by 100% recycled fine silver, this necklace features 12 stars intended to represent the Milky Way with inlaid silver.  Finished with silver findings and a genuine sterling silver 45cm necklace, this treasure will be with you for many years.

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    Mini Star Map Pendant:  No matter where you come from, at some point your ancestors most likely used the stary sky to navigate their way to new lands, find their way home, or contemplate the nature of their existence.

    This mini star map pays respect to our ancestors without whom we would not be here, acknowledges the people in our lives right now who help us on our path, and gives thanks to the people who will come into our lives to walk alongside us on our journey.

    Your personal star map consists of 12 individual stars which represent once of the most common Maori legends of the levels of heaven.  No two maps can ever be the same as each is created by hand, without any template.  Each star is made from fine recycled silver, inlaid into recycled rimu wood.  Rimu is one of the most revered timbers to Maori because of it’s strength, straightness and density.  Your map is surrounded in a band of fine silver, hand formed to fit perfectly around your map.  Your map is finished with silver findings and a solid sterling silver chain (45cm long).

    Remember, your map is created just for you – no two can ever be the same – they are as individual as you are!

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