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These Earrings are Limited Edition and will not be offered again this year.  Currently there are 20 pairs of each earring and when these have gone, they have gone until another batch is made.  This will not be repeated again in 2019.
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    These gorgeous limited edition earrings feature genuine New Zealand Paua shell embedded in a crystal clear bio-based resin.  The Paua shell reflects and refracts light in a variety of irridescent colors – from light pearly pink through greens and blues to the deepest purples and almost red.  Highly sought after for it’s color, Paua shell is a tradional material in many aspects of Maori Art.  Traditionally Maori would use paua shell for the eyes of it’s warriors carved into wood and Pounamu/greenstone.  Some say that it represent the very stars in the sky, and can be thought of as the eyes of our ancestors looking down on us and guiding us from above.

    These earrings come in three different styles currently:

    The Circle:  the circle is a powerful symbol of the circle of life, a universal approach and a belief that life is never-ending. Circle earrings measure approximately 1.5cm across, feature a silver plated bale and silver earhooks.

    The Half Circle:  The legend says that Rangi (Sky Father) and Papa (Earth Mother) were inseparable, but were eventually forced apart by their son, the God Tane.  So pained were they at their separation that rain became the tears of Rangi while mists rising from the earth were the tears of Papa – a grief to last for eternity.  These earrings, in the downward half circle shape, represents Papa, the Earth Mother and the wood is the creation of her son Tane, God of the Forest.  They measure approximately 3cm across and 1.5cm deep.

    The Asymmetric Toki:  In the symbolism of the Maori people of Aotearoa, New Zealand, the toki, or triangle is a very powerful shape.  It represents strength, courage and leadership.  The toki is symbolic of the axe, which axe was traditionally used to fight, to show status and to present power, but now is given as a symbol of strength in the face of adversity and bravery.The earrings feature hand-made fine-silver earhooks and each one measures approximately 5cm long and 2.5cm deep, hanging roughly 6cm from the earlobe.

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    Circle, Half Circle, Asymmetric Triangle

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