Etched Feather Necklace Silver Large


Beautiful Large etched statement feather necklace in silver

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Beautiful, delicate, yet powerful this large statement feather bib-style necklace is hand-crafted from 100% recycled silver. It measures approximately 10cm long and 3cm across.  It is finished with a sterling silver chain and rests approximately along the collar-bone.

This individually hand-cut silver necklace also features hand-draw patterns inspired by my own Māori heritage, which are then etched directly into the metal. Each design is completely unique and represents the vast diversity of, and connection between, souls and spirits in this world and in others. The spirals, dots, lines and swirls tell the story of our history, our values and our family.

Additionally, feathers are symbolic of the Maori belief in birds as the sacred messengers of the Gods. They represent loyalty, adventure and devotion.


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