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    These lovely earrings feature a simple, delicate circle and celebrates one of three distinct phases of life that each of us passes through and offers you a statement piece you can wear as a daily reminder of your journey.  The circle represents the idea of universality, harmony and perfection.  The earrings are available with circles in three different sizes, and 2 different metal types.

    The Scars:  Scars, scratches, bruises, broken bones – these are the physical reminders of the journey that we are all on.  Sometimes we look at the wrinkles, the scars, the “imperfections” and we judge – we judge each other, and we judge ourselves.  But you know what?  Those marks, and the matching ones inside of our souls and minds, are what make us who we are.  And I am here to tell you that YOU are beautiful because of your scars, not in spite of them.

    You can choose which size and material you prefer and each pair is finished with hand crafted silver hoop ear-hooks (9ct gold for the gold option):

    • Small – 1.2cm across
    • Medim – 1.8cm across (pictured)
    • Large – 2.5cm across

    The Silver Scars Circle earrings are available in 2 different metal combinations 

    • Fine Silver
    • 9ct white gold
  • Additional information

    Additional information


    silver, white gold

    Circle Size

    Small (1.2cm), Medium (1.8cm), Large (2.5cm)

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