Sandcast Circle Earrings Silver


The circle represents an understanding that the Universe has no beginning and no ending.  It symbolises the cycle of life and our eternal remembering and forgetting – a journey of endless discovery!

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Cast in sustainable New Zealand beach or river sand, these beautiful, organic circle earrings are made from 100% recycled sterling silver. These earrings are shaped in a solid circle, available in three different sizes: small (10mm), medium (16mm) or large (22mm) and is between 1.5 and 2mm thick. Each pair of earrings have their own unique texture reflecting the sand within which they are created.

You can choose the texture you prefer from fine beach sand or coarse river sand from beautiful New Zealand.  You can also choose to have your earrings made out of sand that is special to you

These earrings have been designed to connect you to a place, offer you a sense of belonging and remind you of all those who have come before you. The process of casting in sand is intended to connect you to places where you feel especially empowered, inspired and called home to.

Your earrings are finished with sterling silver earhooks

Additional information

Earring Size

Small (10mm), Medium (16mm), Large (22mm)


Fine Sand (NZ), Coarse Sand (NZ), Own Sand


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