Sandcast Mini Moon Necklace Gold


This mini-moon necklace reflects the power and presence of the moon as it pulls upon our soul just as it pulls on the very water in the oceans.


Cast individually in sustainable New Zealand beach or river sand, this beautiful, organic necklace is made from 9ct gold in your choice of yellow, rose or white colour. Your mini moon necklace measures approximately 7-8mm in diameter and is a full solid sphere. It is finished with a 45cm gold chain.

You can choose the texture you prefer from fine beach sand or coarse river sand from beautiful New Zealand.  You can also choose to have your pendant to be made out of sand that is special to you

Reflecting the power and presence of the moon, this necklace was inspired by nights watching the full moon rise over the ocean. The moon pulls upon our souls just as it pulls on the very water in the oceans. These are powerful reminders of the ebb and flow of life; that all of us go through cycles and phases and that the darkness compliment the light.

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Fine Sand (NZ), Coarse Sand (NZ), Own Sand


Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold


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