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    These gorgeous long feather earrings feature a trio of feathers in a variety of metal options including 100% Recycled copper, brass and fine silver.  Eco-ethical 9k gold is also available.  These feather earrings come complete with genuine sterling silver earhooks (or gold earhooks for gold earrings)

    Each feather measures approximately 5cm (2 inches) long and the earrings as a whole have a drop of approx 6.5cm.

    In New Zealand Maori mythology birds are very special and are the messengers of the Gods?  Eagles, Harriers and native owls pass between the worlds of man and the Gods along spiritual paths.  As a result, Maori consider birds sacred.

    As a tribute to our birds and our own inherent spirituality I have created these glorious long Trio of Feathers earrings.  You have the option for each feather to be plain metal or individually hand stamped with the word Aroha (Love), Whanau (Family) and Kia Kaha (strength) and the English translations on the reverse.  For you, these earrings are a reminder that you can access the sacred and the spiritual.  In addition, you can also tap into the wisdom of your ancestors.

    You may be able to add custom wording to your feather earrings.  Please contact me to see if your wording will fit with the feathers.  An additional small fee may apply. 

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    Additional information


    Fine Silver, copper, Brass, Mixed Metal, 9k Gold


    Plain, with wording

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