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Double Star Map Earrings

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This pair of earrings comes with a random star map that reflects your personal individuality by default.  If you prefer to have a constellation of your choice please add a note at checkout telling me which constellation you would like.

These gorgeous double star map earrings are a celebration of the starry night sky, and in honour of those courageous adventurers who journeyed far from home with only a Star Map to follow.

Made from recycled sterling silver and native New Zealand Rimu wood, each star is individually inlaid into the wood and polished to a smooth finish.  You can choose a constellation that has meaning for you, or the default design of random stars which reflect your own personal individuality.  Each pair of earrings are in a drop style with a small, 2cm circle at the top linked to a medium 3cm circle which contains your constellation star map of choice.  Each earring features genuine silver findings and handmade silver earhooks.

Each earring has a statement drop of approx 7cm.  The main star map features 9 stars in your choice of either a random constellation, or a constellation that has meaning for you (if your constellation has more than 9 stars, these are included at no extra cost).  Your constellation stars will be displayed in a lovely backdrop of smaller silver stars.

No matter your ethnicity, all of our ancestors followed the stars to find new lands and opportunities, and they followed the stars to find their way home again.  Who hasn’t looked up to the stars and wondered what they mean, who else might be out there, and how they got there in the first place?

Display your individuality with a star map that represents you!

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