Golden Aroha Circle Necklace
Golden Aroha Circle Necklace
Golden Aroha Circle Necklace

Golden Aroha Circle Necklace

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Measurements (Approx):
Pendant size: 5cm diameter
Chain Length:  45cm (18 inches)
Weight: 3.3g (including chain)
Metal: 9ct Gold (yellow, rose, white)

Product Code: tcn02

Celebrate the centre of all beauty and creativity, the seat of the soul; celebrate love itself with these gorgeous hand-crafted circle earrings.  Each earring features the word Aroha, meaning love and compassion stamped by hand into the surface of the circle.  The closed circle represents the notion that love has no beginning and no end - rather love is everything, everywhere, all that is seen and unseen.  It is intended to represent the kind of everlasting love that extends beyond this lifetime - it may be a parent's love for a child, a child's love for a parent, a soul mate love that has lasted the tests of time.

This golden pendant is made from sustainable sourced New Zealand alluvial 9ct Gold in your choice of yellow, rose or white color.  You can choose to have the necklace as a pendant only or with a fine, 45cm (18inch) golden chain (this is also available in copper, brass or silver HERE).

About this collection:  THE LOVER

Inside the heart of every soul lies a tender unopened flower. This flower is the source of all creativity, all divinity and all love. It will bloom when it is treated with kindness, respect and when it is listened to openly and with trust.

I believe in the beauty of all these flowers and I commit to helping them to grow and bloom every single day, beginning with the flower that sits within my own heart. I believe in the connection of destined souls.

I understand that we are all connected and that the essence of this connection is in love - that love is the most important foundation upon which all relationships are built. Love itself can come in many forms, both constructive and destructive, and I seek to follow a pathway of love that encourages growth, expansion and honors the passion within each of us.

I am the LOVER

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