Journey Circle Earrings Golden Light
Journey Circle Earrings Golden Light
Journey Circle Earrings Golden Light

Journey Circle Earrings Golden Light

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These lovely earrings feature a simple, delicate circle and celebrates one of three distinct phases of life that each of us passes through and offers you a statement piece you can wear as a daily reminder of your journey.  The circle represents the idea of universality, harmony and perfection.  The earrings are available with circles in three different sizes, and 2 different metal types.

The Golden Light: Our light shines from within regardless of the experiences we have had, the trials we have experienced and the scars that adorn our body and mind.  Our true spirit is pure and it shines like all the stars in the heavens at once.  Our light cannot be dimmed no matter how thick the fog through which we have to journey.

These circle earrings are that light.  A reminder that we can choose to reconnect with our true self, true purpose, true spirit at any time if we will but pause and listen.  Maori talk of this connection through the wisdom of our ancestors – and that this connection cannot be lost because it is in the very earth that we walk on, the stars in the sky and every tree, mountain, river and beast that walks the earth.  Your light cannot be extinguished.

You can choose which size and material you prefer and each pair is finished with hand crafted silver hoop ear-hooks (9ct gold for the gold option):

  • Small - 1.2cm across (pictured)
  • Medim - 1.8cm across
  • Large - 2.5cm across

The Golden Light Circle earrings are available in 2 different metal combinations 

  • Brass
  • 9ct yellow gold

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