Red Thread Unisex Ring Gold

Red Thread Unisex Ring Gold

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Celebrate the centre of all beauty and creativity, the seat of the soul; celebrate love itself with this gorgeous hand-crafted circle necklace.  This unisex dress ring tells of the Red Thread, a legend of destined souls - two spirits who are intended to meet, lifetime after lifetime, beyond time and space. They are connected by a thin, sometimes invisible, red thread.⁣  This red thread can be twisted, tangled and stretched, but it can never be broken. This is the beauty of destined souls!⁣  Traditionally, destined souls are those intended by the gods to be married.  In a more contemporary sense, destined souls may be in relationships other than romantic ones - sisters, siblings, friends and family.

This stunning unisex dress ring is made from 100% recycled silver and 9ct Red Gold.  It features 2 separate silver bands joined by a wide gold band, to look like three stacked rings which are in-fact joined as one.  The whole band measures approximately 7mm wide. The colour red is a sacred and special one - for Maori of Aotearoa, New Zealand it represents the connection with our mighty mother earth, Papatuanuku. In this way these pieces not only represent destined souls, but also our intimate relationship and connection with the earth - a connection that cannot ever be broken.⁣

This ring is also available with a copper band replacing the red gold HERE.

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Band Width: 7mm wide band
Ring Size: 

  • Small (US7.5), 
  • Medium (US9), 
  • Large (US10.5), 
  • XLarge (US11.5)

Weight: 10g (approx)
Metal: Silver and Red Gold

 Product Code: rtr16g


About this collection:  THE LOVER

Inside the heart of every soul lies a tender unopened flower. This flower is the source of all creativity, all divinity and all love. It will bloom when it is treated with kindness, respect and when it is listened to openly and with trust.

I believe in the beauty of all these flowers and I commit to helping them to grow and bloom every single day, beginning with the flower that sits within my own heart. I believe in the connection of destined souls.

I understand that we are all connected and that the essence of this connection is in love - that love is the most important foundation upon which all relationships are built. Love itself can come in many forms, both constructive and destructive, and I seek to follow a pathway of love that encourages growth, expansion and honors the passion within each of us.

I am the LOVER 

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