5 Reasons Why We Need Our Sisterhood Right Now

I sat yesterday watching the USA election unfold and got thinking about Sisterhood.  There are literally millions of women in the USA who, for reasons of their own, believed that brand Trump would offer more for their interests than Clinton.  Trump, who refers to women as ‘dogs’ and ‘slobs’, who sees nothing wrong at all with sexually assaulting women for his own enjoyment (infact, he has stated that this is to be expected when you put men and women together), who actually called a woman ‘disgusting’ for pumping breast milk to feed her baby.  Wow…wow…!  That’s not all – read about all the other things he’s said about women HERE

Did women vote for Trump because they genuinely think he is doing to do right by them?  Or did they NOT vote for Clinton?  Trump, who is a racist, sexist, narcissistic, misogynist with a fascist agenda?  Maybe they were voting against the establishment (oops, hang on, isn’t the establishment Republican anyway?  They control the Senate!).  Maybe they were voting for change?

So, here’s the thing.  I am hearing lots of people on social media talk about the ‘uneducated, white, female voter’ who was one of the critical factors in this election outcome.  Criticism. Backlash. Hatred even… But hang on a second, think about the situation those women find themselves in.  Unable to access education because of the cost of it, unable to get jobs, unable to feel valued as a woman at all…totally disempowered.

I am no expert – I voice my opinion only.  But I think that there is a mighty gift in this result – an opportunity that was not present just 24hours ago.  Now we need our Sisterhood even more – and on a global scale.  Let’s stop judging those women who voted for Trump!  Let’s START with supporting them, understanding them, nurturing them and helping them to grow.  This, after all, is what women do best, and this I genuinely believe is best for our collective future as a global community.  Why?  Because there are 5 things that women in a sisterhood do that we need right now…

1.  Women in a Sisterhood Nurture:  in a sisterhood we take care of one another.  We realise that our own physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and holistic health is dependent on the health of all those women around us.  Now is the time to look deep into the reasons why our sisters feel the way that they do, and find solutions to help them, and by default, help ourselves.  This is not just an idea; this is an obligation for all of us who are blessed with different circumstances, and the ability to see a bigger picture.

2.  Women in a Sisterhood Understand:  in a sisterhood we know the real challenges that women face.  We cannot expect that men, no matter how enlightened they are, can understand entirely our experience of the world.  This means that we need women in positions of power, who can advocate for women who currently do not have a voice.  Women’s issues are global issues.  They affect our sons and our daughters.  They affect us all.

3.  Women in a Sisterhood See:  in a sisterhood we have the ability to see beyond ourselves and know the implications of decisions on the entire population, and the entire planet.  She is called Mother Earth for a very good reason!  What happens to women, also happens to our planet.  We need to wake up, stand up and speak up!

4.  Women in a Sisterhood Collaborate:  in a sisterhood we work together for the benefit of everyone.  It is not a pipe-dream, nor is it simply an idealistic notion.  It is a reality.  Women in power have had to manipulate the masculine model of life, business and the economy just to sit at the table – and this model is cut-throat, competitive and cunning.  Women do things differently.  It is time to show our brothers and our sisters a better way; a way in which everyone has an opportunity to succeed and prosper in a manner that is meaningful to them.

5.  Women in a Sisterhood Build:  in a sisterhood we know how to create and grow.  This is biological!  This applies to our communities, our families, our economies and ourselves.  Now is the time to connect with those sisters who lift you higher, and as you climb higher understand that you become that shining light and that pathway for others to follow.  We build a ladder for others to climb.  Now, right now…here!

When you choose to see the world collaboratively and positively, the world will meet you there.

I am an artist, but I am fortunate enough to be part of a mighty sisterhood.  If you are in need of community, connection and a good old hug, please get in touch.  My sisterhood is far-reaching.  One of my sisters will be nearby you to help and support you!