There are several ways that you can work out your ring size accurately. Of course, the best and easiest way is to pop into a jewellery store (or contact me to visit my studio) and get the jeweller to determine the correct size.

The second best way, if you don’t already have a ring for the finger you are sizing, is to use one of my Ring Sizer Kits. These are adjustable and reusable, so can be used to get sizes for all your fingers (because of course you want rings on them all!!!). Ring size kits are available for FREE with all ring purchases – just select the option to include a kit when you purchase your ring!

If you already have a ring that is the correct size, you can measure it by using an online tool on your laptop/desk top computer such as THIS ONE HERE or download a ring sizer app on your cell phone.

As a last resort, you can use the method in the guide below to find your ring size. Please be aware that getting the correct size is YOUR responsibility. I DO offer a ring resize option for some styles, but this does NOT apply if you give me the incorrect size or change your mind about which finger you want your ring to fit. Please understand that in many instances, a resize means remaking the ring from scratch.

Be kind 🙂