You know what, I have had spring flowers in my garden for at least a month now – its not even September which is officially the first day of spring for us “down under” residents.  Birds are nesting, my plum trees are ready to burst into blossom, the days are getting longer, and warmer, the frost less severe and the threat of snow-storms are dwindling!  Hayfever beckons as the damn cats start molting….ahhh, spring!

I am not complaining though.  As much as I love the “hunker down” approach of winter and having the fire roaring, I am very much in tune with the longer days and warmer temperatures of Spring and Summer.  Oh, and its going to be a mighty fine Summer season this 2016/17.  Why???

Just in the last month I have decided to freshen things up and have engaged a wonderful life and business coach.  Oh my, but it’s not going to be easy…I have a background in life coaching myself, so I know how challenging it can be.  But “Bring It On”, I say.  The time has come to spring forward (see what I did there…”spring” forward!!) and make the next 6 months to 2017 absolutely sensational.   Tiki Kiwi is going into high gear.

I am going into high gear.  My mantra as we hit the back straight of 2016 is:  Health, wealth, love and purpose…and I wish that for all my whanau, you included

Watch this space – I will keep you updated as the days extend out. I invite you to sign up to Tiki Kiwi HERE so that I can let you know about all the new, exciting things I have in store for you.

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