I profoundly Believe in the Beauty!

There is an immense and profound beauty in our world, and in humanity. We are each part of a global whanau (family), and as a result we are all intimately connected. I am Sonia, and as a jewellery artist, I create unique, soul-infused treasures that are intended to connect us through the beauty that we see in the world, in one-another, and ultimately, in ourselves.

Being present to the beauty within and around us allows us to change our world; ultimately the more often we remember this beauty, the greater the impact we will have on our future – individually and collectively. This jewellery is more than adornment. It is the ultimate statement of intentional connection.

~ Sonia McManus ~

This beauty is not a polished, unblemished kind of perfection. Instead, this is real, raw and distinct beauty; a beauty that is embellished with flaws, scars, pain and growth. It is a beauty that is powerful, personal and deeply individual. Just as we marvel at the beauty of a single snowflake, or feather, or pebble upon the beach, so too do we see the miracle in ourselves.

Each piece of jewellery is lovingly hand-crafted; made slowly and intentionally; love and purpose artfully infused within. Made by hand, every piece celebrates the marks of creation and reflect the unique individual contribution that it’s wearer also makes to the world. These pieces have an organic presence, they are bespoke, timeless and one-of-a-kind.

These treasures are steeped in masterful storytelling with each piece reflecting a wisdom from ancestors, guardians, Gods and Goddesses.

I make jewellery to honour our collective story, tied up in my own Maori heritage; where I have come from. These stories are what tie us together, give us common purpose and a collective sense of our world.

Although often told from a Maori perspective, these stories are universal and resonate deeply with people from around the world. Story is how we make sense of our place and our purpose – our ancestors freely offer wisdom for our pathway into the future, if we can pause and be quiet long enough to listen. My jewellery is a totem of this powerful connection.

Ultimately borne from the rubble of devastating earthquakes to hit New Zealand in 2010/11, Sonia Therese jewellery uses materials that are recycled, repurposed, re-imagined. This jewellery is a compelling antidote to fast and unsustainable consumer fashion.