The Connector


“Love is a connection, an invisible thread, that binds us together”

Etched Feather Earrings

Feel your ancestors and guides close to you in the individual markings and swirls, etched into the very metal of your treasure
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Product Details
Collection: The Seeker Feathers
Style: Earrings
Materials: Silver, Brass
Methods: Etching
Form: Feathers

These delightful feather shaped earrings are hand-crafted from 100% recycled silver or brass. Your earrings each measure 5cm long and 1cm wide and are finished with your choice of hand made silver earhooks or studs.

These earrings feature hand-drawn Maori kowhaiwhai patterns, etched into the metal. Each design drawn is different to the others and is intended to represent the vast diversity of, and connection between, souls and spirits in this world and in others. The spirals, dots, lines and swirls tell the story of our history, our values and our family.

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