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“Love is a connection, an invisible thread, that binds us together”

Trio of Feathers Necklace

A trio of intertwined circles with powerful wording to help remind you that love has no beginning and no ending.
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Product Details
Collection: The Seeker Feathers
Style: Necklace
Materials: Silver, Brass, Copper, 9ct Yellow Gold, 9ct Rose Gold, 9ct White Gold
Methods: Hammered, Stamped Words
Form: Feathers

This beautiful Trio of Feathers pendant necklace features hand made, individually hammered and stamped “feathers” in your choice of metal options. Each feather measures approximately 2mm wide and hangs 5cm in a cluster from the chain. The pendant necklace is finished with a 45cm chain.

Metal options include mixed copper/silver/brass or a trio of silver feathers as well as mixed coloured 9ct gold (yellow, rose, white gold).

Each feather is hand stamped with the following words but custom wording is available at a small additional cost:
Aroha – Love
Whanau – Family
Kia Kaha – Strength

In New Zealand Maori mythology birds are very special and are considered the messengers of the Gods? This necklace is a reminder that you are sacred, and you can tap into the wisdom of your ancestors at any time.

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