The Design Story

I wholeheartedly believe in the power and the beauty of making things by hand!

In a world where everything feels like it is spiraling out of control, speeding by at a breakneck pace, choosing handmade is a very potent statement of intent.

Handmade means we value a slower pace. We believe that things are done with authenticity, love and care. We honour the history and the story of the maker and the item being made. We value something much more fundamental to our wellbeing than money

Handmade is a lifestyle, a way to connect with a wisdom that is far greater than us!

I have always been passionate about choosing materials for my jewellery that are sustainable. But it wasn’t until the 2020/21 Pandemic lockdowns that I was faced with really addressing the sustainability question.

During that time many of the materials I used in my jewellery were purchased from precious metal fabricators and from other retailers. As the world locked down and the global supply chain failed, I realised that sustainability (for me, anyway) meant choosing materials that were as close to my jewellery bench as possible.

Since then I have chosen a pathway of recycling precious metals myself, working with heirloom gemstones and letting go of materials that I had no control over.

I specialise in sand-cast jewellery.

This is a very old method (at least 3000 years) of creating jewellery from molten metal that is poured directly in to a sand/clay mold.

Unlike most jewellers I don’t use commercial sand/clay (Delft Clay) mixtures. Instead I have developed my own method of using “Green-sands”; naturally occurring sands and soils that can literally be returned back to their place of origin after the jewellery has been made.

In this way there is no waste, no toxic by-products and it is a way to allow the spirit of the place to transfer directly into the jewellery!!!

Believe in the Beauty
There was a time when I first started making jewellery, that I tried to get every single piece perfect! The perfect finish, perfect polish, perfect perfect perfect! I didn’t fully realised back then, but what I was saying to myself was that I didn’t believe in the beauty of imperfection! I didn’t believe in the beauty of my own handmade creations.

A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then. And a LOT of jewellery has been made. What I have come to understand, and what is now joyfully reflected in my jewellery designs, is that there is no such thing as perfection. Infact, the truth is that we are all perfectly imperfect and that we are beautiful because of this.

Actually, what I had to embrace was my OWN imperfection and choose to see the beauty in that. Now I love the imperfection of my work. I no longer equate imperfection with less value or lower quality. I see the opposite!

And by celebrating the beauty of this imperfection I celebrate the beauty of the world. The more we see beauty, the more we believe that things ARE beautiful. So the more we believe in beauty, the more we see – beauty in the world, beauty in imperfection, beauty in each other AND beauty in ourselves. Wow, that’s a world I want to live in!!!

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