The Founder Story

sandcast gold open circle necklace 2

When I was a little girl, I was “that” child, always going through her grandmother’s jewellery box…

...taking out all the pieces and trying them on, holding them up to the sun and watching them sparkle. I remember being particularly fascinated by my nanna Cis’s beautiful crystal broach and earrings. I dreamed of a magical world full of colour, elegance and beauty. I distinctly remember how beautiful I thought she was when she wore them, and how beautiful I felt when I would sneakily wear them myself.

I am an unintentional jeweller. Although deeply passionate about creativity, I failed art exams at school and failed to gain entry to college to be an art teacher. I instead aligned myself with Mother Earth, specalised as an Engineering Geologist and spent several years working around the world. In 2001 I embarked upon a long pathway to gain my doctorate in Civil Engineering. I became a mum in 2003 and 18 months later found myself parenting alone. I didn’t have much time or energy left for creativity!

In 2010/11 my hometown was rocked by a series of deadly, devastating earthquakes. I lost my business and witnessed my whole community broken apart – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The aftershocks continued for years and in those incredibly challenging times I rediscovered my creativity. No plan or strategy – just a deep desire to create beautiful things. I found I was good at making jewellery!

Looking back I can see that all the challenges I have experienced have been beautiful opportunities. They continue to be! I got invited to showcase at New York Fashion Week in 2020, 6 months into a global Pandemic lockdown. I learned so much about myself and my values in that experience. I was invited to open the 20th anniversary show at New Zealand Fashion Week, which was subsequently postponed and finally cancelled due to lockdowns. I grew, evolved, learned new techniques. I have pivoted, pirouetted, turned and twisted with every challenge along the road.

What I know to be true is that I am a better, stronger and kinder person for it all. My jewellery reflects the journey I have been on. These days I celebrate imperfection, rejoice at the beauty of handmade, laugh in the face of challenges.

I believe in the beauty before me. I CHOOSE the beauty in each moment – it’s an active and purposeful decision. There is a little piece of me in every single piece of jewellery I make. And wow, I have to say, I make some pretty beautiful jewellery.

I can’t wait to see what comes next! Hopefully you will join me on that journey.

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