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Mini Trio Cluster Necklace

Celebrate your own personal essence and individuality together with the strength of connection and community.
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Collection: The Connector
Style: Necklace
Materials: Silver, Mixed Metals, 9ct yellow gold, 9ct rose gold, 9ct white gole
Methods: Hammered
Form: Porowhita Circle

This delicate, hand crafted necklace features three individually formed “pebbles” that are nested together and finished with a solid 45cm chain.

The necklace is made from your choice of materials. 100% recycled silver pebbles, a mixed metal option of copper, brass and silver as well as a trio of 9ct alluvial gold pebbles in yellow, rose and white.

The pebbles represent a powerful personal quest for individuality together with the strength of community. Each pebble represents the unique beauty of each individual, made separately, without a template or casting. And when they come together, the pebbles also represent the strength and connection of humanity as a collective.

At the core of us we know that we are all connected!

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