Drum-roll please………….I have an introduction to make.

Welcome to TK Eco-Design, the home of meaningful, beautiful and sustainable heart-centered jewelry.  

TK Eco Design originated as Tiki Kiwi Designs back in 2012.  Over the years, Tiki Kiwi grew to encompass a very specific ethos when it comes to making jewelry.  Now, in 2017, Tiki Kiwi has joyfully evolved into TK Eco Design.  Here you will find jewelry that offers you a tangible, lasting totem of your connection with self, with those you love and, importantly, with Mother Earth herself.  TK Eco Design (formally Tiki Kiwi) uses recycled, repurposed and sustainably sourced materials and turns them in to stunning and meaningful jewelry – all with their own story to tell, and their own legacy to leave.bio resin and rimu

Love creates a legacy, which reaches through generations and transcends time – because each piece can be handed down through many lives – and therefore becomes a multi-generational totem of love and affection.  If you have ever handled a piece of jewelry that belonged to a grandparent or great-grandparent, you will know the power of this and understand how powerfully symbolic these pieces become over time.

Each and every piece offers a reminder and a connection with the grace and fragile strength of Mother Earth – because without her love we are nothing.  I use recycled, re-purposed and sustainably sourced materials where-ever possible with the intention of standing on our Earth as reverently and as lightly as possible.

TK Eco-Design harks back to the world of our shared ancestors, where everything was made by hand, with the materials available and where taking time to craft something exceptional was a highly valued way of working.  My jewelry is not kiwi comparisonmass-produced.  I chose to use materials that draw gently on the planet’s resources and reflect an ethos that we can work in harmony with Mother Earth, not plunder her abundance.  My pieces are stunningly elegant, meaningful and full of story.  They come from my heart and speak directly to your heart, with love, gratitude and joy.

Why the name change?  What’s wrong with being a Tiki Kiwi?

Tiki ComparisonActually, nothing…but did you know that for pretty much everyone in the world other than about 4.5 million people associated with New Zealand, a tiki is more closely associated with the Hawaiian Tiki Gods.  And a kiwi, rather than being the national bird of New Zealand and a spiritual guardian of the forest, is instead a fluffy green and brown fruit!

So, in the spirit of connection and coming together, Tiki Kiwi has become TK (see what I did there!!) and I am choosing to highlight the eco-friendly, sustainable edge to my products and designs.  Hence, TK Eco-Design!

Are you still with me?  Yes?!  Good!!

Nothing much else has changed.  All of my jewelry is centered on eco-ethical principals, materials and processes.  My designs still reflect my view of the world, my heritage (including and championing my Maori ancestry) and a desire to heal hearts, minds and souls through beauty and connection.

So please feel very welcome to my new, but familiar, look.

Haere Mai – welcome.